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What's the Difference Between Pro-Medical Therapy and  Other Massage Treatments?


Juliana Farias Shelef specializes in helping patients with matters concerning myofascial disorder treating migraines and fibromyalgia using CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY, created by John Upledger.


Juliana will help you control your pain without or with a reduction of ongoing pain killers. Thanks to her years of training, she will be able to do complementary medicine with her touch and advice that goes beyond the traditional standards, that sometimes leads to negligent treatment via conventional bio-medicine.

Do My Kids Need Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is known to have multiple benefits for your child. Aside from the physical benefits, your child can find emotional relief with the right treatment. 


Juliana is now offering workshops to help parents learn how they can heal and bond with their child with special massage techniques. No sign-up is necessary. See details on the right side of the screen or call to learn more. 


Experiencing Physical or Emotional Pain?

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